Moonitor version 0.6.6October 26, 2018

- Fixed: default note on transaction
- Fixed: issue on deleting a market

Moonitor version 0.6.5October 25, 2018

- Added: 24h price change
- Updated: better icons for  "minimize/maximize" and "drag to move"
- Updated: better drag and drop
- Fixed: app doesn't lose connection anymore when the device is back from sleep
- Fixed: removed some animation that was cpu costly
- Fixed: the edit asset button didn't work properly in some case when having a lot of assets
- Fixed: tooltip bug when hovering candles quickly
- Fixed: bittrex candlestick was not getting updated properly

Moonitor version 0.6.0September 2, 2018

- Added: Fiat currencies (USD, EUR, YEN, WON, AU$, CA$, ...) for the total estimate
- Added: volume on candlesticks charts
- Updated: redone the top bar with total balance info
- Fixed: scrolling bug
- Fixed: candle tooltip placement bug

Moonitor version 0.5.3August 12, 2018

- Added: Candlesticks refresh rate configuration option
- Updated: Refactor/optimise candlestick
- Updated: Optimise latest price change animation
- Fixed: The app should be less CPU demanding

Moonitor version 0.5.2August 8, 2018

- Added: Compatibility with the Mac App Store (available soon)
- Added: Compatibility with SetApp (available soon)
- Updated: Binance candlestick are now refreshed in real-time 🔥
- Updated: Improve data refreshment for candlesticks
- Version bump to sync with App Store build number

Moonitor version 0.5.0July 21, 2018

- Added: tray icon with customisable icon and info to show
- Added: close to tray (close the window without quitting)
- Added: window's height is finally resizable 👌
- Added: window auto-resize on opening modals
- Updated: improved the UI on the main window for markets data
- Updated: better search panel
- Updated: more candle charts config for each exchange
- Fixed: bug causing the candlestick tooltip to disappear when data is updated
- Fixed: BNB holdings values and total balance
- Fixed: license activation on linux
- Fixed: last value animate not fading back to white

Moonitor version 0.4.2June 26, 2018

- Added: Auto updater.
- Updated: You can follow now up to 8 markets and 5 transactions per market in the demo version.
- Fixed: Bug when submitted wrong license key.
- Fixed: Minor bugs in the bag panel.

Moonitor version 0.4.1March 27, 2018

- Fixed: a bug that shows twice the currencies from exchanges API key import.

Moonitor support exchanges API key to auto import your balances

We’ve heard you. You don’t like typing all your transactions manually in your cryptocurrency app as you are trading. That time has ended… or almost 😅
Crypto ladies and gentlemen, while you still can add manual transaction on Moonitor (because I hope you don’t keep all of your assets at exchanges…), you can now use your exchange API key to import automatically your online balance!

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Moonitor version 0.4.0March 15, 2018

- Updated: Optimised bundle app size to ~60%.
- Added: Bittrex and Binance API Key Read-Only to import your exchanges balances/wallets automatically
- Added: Settings to configure the candlestick interval and timeframe
- Added: Shortcut Cmd or Ctrl + ; to open the Preferences panel
- Added: Moonitor version number to menu
- Removed: About window was not working on Windows
- Updated: Better tickers for all exchanges, more precise and frequent updates
- Updated: You can now add/edit transactions and validate with ENTER key instead of clicking
- Updated: Refactoring some components to improve performance
- Fixed: Position of chart hover info when using the percentage progress bar mode
- Fixed: Typo in License panel