State of eCommerce and Cryptocurrency for online merchants in 2018

An eCommerce merchant is used to payments processing fees – ie: credit card, paypal – those 2.5% cut haunts him every night. He/She is also aware that his bank or Paypal could freeze all funds without notice if they “think” that something weird is going on (paypal limits anyone?).
One day he/she hears about cryptocurrency and is amazed by the fact that HE/SHE is the one in full control. No need to ask permissions to no one.

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Moonitor version 0.1.3January 14, 2018

Fixed: Bags not entirely visible on some os

Moonitor version 0.1.2January 12, 2018

- Added: Scroll when windows height > display height
- Added: Tooltips for icons
- Updated: Ads appear after 5 minutes of use
- Fixed: Bug where it deleted another coin than the selected one
- Fixed: Right click only triggers where there is no modal open
- Fixed: Bug in bags when selling

Moonitor version 0.1.1January 9, 2018

- Updated: Changed the advertisement for a less intrusive one
- Fixed: Hover issue with candle stick chart

Moonitor version 0.1.0January 7, 2018

- Official released!