How to unlock all features

Main window menu
Tray icon menu
Preferences popup

1. Open License popup

You can access the License popup from multiple locations:

a. Main window menu
b. Tray icon menu
c. Preferences popup

2. Enter email and license key

⚠️ Same email used to purchase the app

3. Click "Activate License" button

Enjoy the full app!

How to track the value of your crypto portfolio in Moonitor

Open the transaction popup

1. Click on the name of the pair/market or right click and choose "Manage transaction"

2. Then click on "Add Transaction"

Fill your transaction details

1. Date of transaction
2. Quantity of your bag
3. The price
4. The type of transaction: Purchase/Sale

5. You can also tag it with an icon to remember where you've stored your coins
6. A little "note" for more details

Click "Save Transaction"

Search for a specific Pairs from all exchanges

Open the search panel

1. You can filter out currencies by typing the base or quote of the pair you are looking for. (i.e. "DOGE", "BTC", "ETH", ...)

2. Select the pair

3. Click "Follow market" and it will be added to your watchlist.