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Change log

Moonitor version 2.6.0

- Added: multi columns support
- Added: fullscreen mode
- Added: auto hide topbar
- Added: Binance.US exchange 🎉
- Added: Huobi exchange 🎉
- Added: FTX exchange 🎉
- Added: btc estimates for small window
- Added: API balances for tray icon
- Fixed: infinite loading state when empty api balance
- Fixed: percentage price change for kraken
- Fixed: orderBy options now takes value from last session
- Fixed: modal position on demo version
- Fixed: auto hide chart tooltip after 500ms
- Fixed: workaround for auto update (need to test for update)
- Fixed: minor UI fixes

Moonitor version 2.5.3

- Fixed: open app from tray icon after closing it

Moonitor version 2.5.2

- Fixed: Add transaction modal overflow
- Fixed: error on cancel database import
- Fixed: modal top position
- Fixed: mac appstore entitlements for dialog

Moonitor version 2.5.0

- Added: markets order by holdings/alphabetical/custom
- Added: holdings percentage value
- Added: holdings estimate in BTC
- Added: possibility to disable used license activations
- Added: hide icon from taskbar for Windows
- Updated: huge CPU usage improvement 🔥
- Updated: big changes on the project base
- Updated: better solution for websocket, now use less cpu power
- Updated: add market icon
- Updated: less confusing to unlock the app
- Updated: fonts improvement
- Updated: lots of dependencies
- Updated: show error when adding license key
- Fixed: 24h price change for coinbase, bittrex and kraken
- Fixed: empty coinbase pro api wallet bug
- Fixed: empty coinbase pro chart
- Fixed: license not matching behind a VPN

Moonitor version 2.2.1

- Added: mirror some Fiat rates for the total balance if user can't reach coinbase api
- Fixed: NaN issue on total balance

Moonitor version 2.2.0

- Added: details view and possibility to choose what to show for each pair
- Added: thousand separated comma option
- Added: icon color configuration
- Added: trend chart in Exchange API Wallet
- Updated: new design for Exchange API Wallet
- Updated: auto select pairs in exchange wallet for currencies convertion
- Updated: better for smaller window
- Updated: emojis to tray icon
- Updated: texture over modal
- Fixed: timeout for Rest API calls
- Fixed: search now ignore the "/" for easier filter
- Fixed: click on tray will now show the app

Moonitor version 2.1.2

- Fixed: convertion issue with FIAT pairs in Exchange Wallet API

Moonitor version 2.1.0

- Added: 🔥 Coinbase Pro exchange
- Added: 🔥 Bitfinex exchange
- Added: always on top option
- Added: frameless window option
- Added: import/export moonitor database file
- Added: misc option panel for none common settings
- Added: refresh settings for last price, balance and tray
- Updated: enable privacy mode in exchange api wallet
- Updated: auto focus input when opening search panel
- Fixed: reset websocket connection after 5min of inactivity
- Fixed: drag and drop position bug
- Fixed: showing scrollbar

🎉 Moonitor version 2.0.0

- 🔥 Complete rewrite of the App for better performance and reliability
- 🔥 New design for all components of the App
- 🔥 Better search/browser market
- 🔥 Complete change of the API Exchange Wallet (now use a seperate panel)
- 🔥 App is now responsive for small and big screen
- 🔥 Less CPU intensive
- Added: market more flexible, you can now choose separately to show: chart, price high/low/volume, holdings
- Added: you can now have a separate balance for API exchange wallets
- Added: kraken API Exchange Wallet
- Added: icon can now be hidden from the macOS dock
- Added: more tooltip overall
- Updated: more option in the topbar
- Updated: new database format for markets
- Updated: new chart library to be less cpu intensive
- Updated: faster candle tooltip on hover
- Fixed: issue when editing a transaction after deleting one (v1 bug)
- Fixed: refresh issue in the tray when only having Bitcoin (v1 bug)
- Fixed: enable save button when changing transaction's note (v1 bug)
- Fixed: "uncategorized" as default category for a transaction (v1 bug)
- Removed: blocklist (due to the change with API Exchange Wallet, no need for blocklist anymore)

Moonitor version 1.1.0

- Fixed: blacklist duplicates when selecting them from preferences
- Fixed: issue while editing some kraken market
- Fixed: correct USD with new fiat market from Binance

Moonitor version 1.0.0

- Added: markets from Kraken
- Added: Colors configuration
- Added: blacklist to hide unwanted markets
- Added: you can now resize the window width (responsive ftw)
- Added: chart height is now configurable
- Added: settings button in navbar
- Added: more options in right click context menu
- Updated: bigger font for markets values
- Updated: better context menu with emojis
- Updated: better label for 24h % price change
- Updated: removed the mini progress bar
- Fixed: edit transaction was buggy with some coma values
- Fixed: window max height issue on win32 devices
- Fixed: candle tooltip alignement on win32 devices
- Fixed: avoid accepting empty value for each transaction
- Fixed: external links to moonitor website

Moonitor version 0.7.1

- Fixed: Exchange API auto-import wasn't accessible

Moonitor version 0.7.0

- Added: Hide balances option to blur out some private numbers
- Added: Exchanges filters option in the search markets auto-complete
- Added: Ethereum option to the total balance
- Added: Dark mode support for macOS mojave
- Updated: Refactor some codebase to use less CPU power

Moonitor version 0.6.6

- Fixed: default note on transaction
- Fixed: issue on deleting a market

Moonitor version 0.6.5

- Added: 24h price change
- Updated: better icons for  "minimize/maximize" and "drag to move"
- Updated: better drag and drop
- Fixed: app doesn't lose connection anymore when the device is back from sleep
- Fixed: removed some animation that was cpu costly
- Fixed: the edit asset button didn't work properly in some case when having a lot of assets
- Fixed: tooltip bug when hovering candles quickly
- Fixed: bittrex candlestick was not getting updated properly

Moonitor version 0.6.0

- Added: Fiat currencies (USD, EUR, YEN, WON, AU$, CA$, ...) for the total estimate
- Added: volume on candlesticks charts
- Updated: redone the top bar with total balance info
- Fixed: scrolling bug
- Fixed: candle tooltip placement bug

Moonitor version 0.5.3

- Added: Candlesticks refresh rate configuration option
- Updated: Refactor/optimise candlestick
- Updated: Optimise latest price change animation
- Fixed: The app should be less CPU demanding

Moonitor version 0.5.2

- Added: Compatibility with the Mac App Store (available soon)
- Added: Compatibility with SetApp (available soon)
- Updated: Binance candlestick are now refreshed in real-time 🔥
- Updated: Improve data refreshment for candlesticks
- Version bump to sync with App Store build number

Moonitor version 0.5.0

- Added: tray icon with customisable icon and info to show
- Added: close to tray (close the window without quitting)
- Added: window's height is finally resizable 👌
- Added: window auto-resize on opening modals
- Updated: improved the UI on the main window for markets data
- Updated: better search panel
- Updated: more candle charts config for each exchange
- Fixed: bug causing the candlestick tooltip to disappear when data is updated
- Fixed: BNB holdings values and total balance
- Fixed: license activation on linux
- Fixed: last value animate not fading back to white

Moonitor version 0.4.2

- Added: Auto updater.
- Updated: You can follow now up to 8 markets and 5 transactions per market in the demo version.
- Fixed: Bug when submitted wrong license key.
- Fixed: Minor bugs in the bag panel.

Moonitor version 0.4.1

- Fixed: a bug that shows twice the currencies from exchanges API key import.

Moonitor version 0.4.0

- Updated: Optimised bundle app size to ~60%.
- Added: Bittrex and Binance API Key Read-Only to import your exchanges balances/wallets automatically
- Added: Settings to configure the candlestick interval and timeframe
- Added: Shortcut Cmd or Ctrl + ; to open the Preferences panel
- Added: Moonitor version number to menu
- Removed: About window was not working on Windows
- Updated: Better tickers for all exchanges, more precise and frequent updates
- Updated: You can now add/edit transactions and validate with ENTER key instead of clicking
- Updated: Refactoring some components to improve performance
- Fixed: Position of chart hover info when using the percentage progress bar mode
- Fixed: Typo in License panel

Moonitor Version 0.3.1

- Updated: Background overlay percentage is now active by default
- Updated: You can now use 1 license key on 3 different devices
- Updated: Delayed the tooltip for "add coin" and "add some $currency" to avoid a bug on the child tooltip content

Moonitor version 0.3.0

- Added: More info about currency: Volume, High, Low
- Added: Loading animation when value is not available yet
- Updated: Improved spacing
- Updated: Reduced demo text height
- Updated: Percent value position for background overlay mode
- Updated: Icon for compact mode
- Updated: Custom cursor on drag and drop
- Fixed: Searching for currencies works properly now
- Fixed: Candlestick should work for every currencies now
- Fixed: Color bug while hovering when background overlay is activated
- Fixed: Bug when you add a transaction after moving a currency's position

Moonitor version 0.2.1

- Fixed: Tiny window height bug on launch
- Fixed: Some missing icons

Moonitor version 0.2.0

- Added: Menu option to empty all the transactions
- Added: Preferences panel
- Added: Preferences: Settings to visualize your currency holding percentage
- Updated: Some color adjustments for a nicer UI
- Fixed: Bug on ETH and some USDT markets; Balance is now calculated properly
- Fixed: White screen at launch

Moonitor version 0.1.5

- Updated: Add coin list is now full height
- Updated: Better transactions view
- Updated: Demo transaction is now limited to two instead of one
- Updated: Some general ui improvement
- Fixed: Reduce license modal height
- Fixed: Issue with total balance and usdt/altcoin markets

Moonitor version 0.1.4

- Fixed: Display issue hiding the field to activate the license

Moonitor version 0.1.3

Fixed: Bags not entirely visible on some os

Moonitor version 0.1.2

- Added: Scroll when windows height > display height
- Added: Tooltips for icons
- Updated: Ads appear after 5 minutes of use
- Fixed: Bug where it deleted another coin than the selected one
- Fixed: Right click only triggers where there is no modal open
- Fixed: Bug in bags when selling

Moonitor version 0.1.1

- Updated: Changed the advertisement for a less intrusive one
- Fixed: Hover issue with candle stick chart

Moonitor version 0.1.0

- Official released!