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Who is behind Moonitor?

Moonitor is made by Karim Hossenbux, a one-man-army programmer

What can I do with Moonitor?

You can track your cryptocurrency investments and get the BTC and USD estimate value in real-time directly from exchange API

Can I track any currency?

Right now it uses Bittrex and Binance. More will come in future updates.

What about Privacy?

Privacy is really important when it comes to digital money. That’s why we focus on making a great app instead of selling our users behaviour and data to evil private companies who just want to spam you indefinitely.
Unlike other apps, Moonitor doesn’t save your data into the cloud, **everything is saved on your computer**.

Will the app install any toolbar or anything else?

No and soon it will be publish on the App Store and Windows Store.

Can I use the license on more devices?

A license is limited to one computer.

From Moonitor version 0.3.1 you can use one license key on 3 different devices for 1 year. If you change one device, you will be able to manage those activations from your user account.

Is it open source?

No. Are you interested in a “VIP Supporter License” with access to the repo to check the code? 

psst, their is finally a desktop app for cryptocurrency…

It’s Moonitor

Moonitor tracks your CryptoCurrencies Portfolio value in real-time in an elegant and user-friendly Desktop App.
The app is compatible with macOS, Windows and Linux.

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