The Cryptocurrency App Tracker for the Desktop

Moonitor is an elegant and user-friendly Cryptocurrency App Tracker compatible with MacOS, Windows and Linux.

Moonitor gives you a clear, real-time, global overview of your crypto assets. Data is pulled from the exchange via their official API and refreshed automatically.

Keep track of your portfolio

Keep track of your portfolio

Follow all your selected assets with ease using a beautifully designed user interface. Keep track of your data with user friendly graphs and know when to buy and sell for profit via the BTC value of each currency.

See the current market value of your assets at a glance, or dive deep into the data. Trace your history and monitor your picks, tag where your assets are located.

Are you making or losing money? Moonitor, your crypto assistant, is here to help. Save time on the analysis and keep your eyes on the numbers as they happen.


Exchanges API key read-only support

From version 0.4.0 you will be able to use your exchange API keys in read-only[1] mode and your cryptocurrencies portfolio will be automatically imported and always synchronized 👌
[1] Moonitor has no control on your assets, it will only “read” them.

Exchanges API key read-only support
Choose your fiat money

$ € £ ¥ ₩

Choose your fiat money

More than 100 fiat currencies are available for you to get an estimate of your balance in your own money 💵


👨‍🎤 Make it your own

Unlimited colors available for any elements:
background, holdings, text, and charts!

👨‍🎤 Make it your own
Follow hundreds of crypto markets

Follow hundreds of crypto markets

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, ZCash, Dogecoin, Stellar, Cardano… pick your favorites and get going!

Bittrex & Binance

Moonitor uses trusted data from two leading exchanges.
More exchanges will be added in future updates.

And much more

Candlestick charts

A 30min candlestick chart for each coin to acknowledge its last 24h trend. Detailed high, low, open and close prices are also available.

Real time data

Moonitor gets real-time data stream directly from exchanges without sending extra requests, making it a faster way to stay up-to-date.


You’ll get an overview of all your crypto currencies in BTC and their estimated value market in USD.

Clean UI, Beautiful data

Get the full data for your coins in expanded mode, or display the bare minimum to just follow the price and your profit/loss.


Moonitor works across operating systems. You can buy it on macOS, Windows, or Linux.

Your data stays yours

Moonitor doesn’t save any data online unlike other crypto tracker app. Everything about your currencies, holdings and balances are saved on your computer. Lunarian cares about privacy.

To the moon with Moonitor

Why Moonitor?


Every free apps out there are selling your data to marketers and other companies. That’s how they make money. As a user, you may end up receiving annoying spam or being targeted for things you don’t even need.
Moonitor saves every data on the users’ computer with no hidden intermediary. Nothing is saved online, nothing is collected or sold !


When a crypto app is ridiculously slow or down and can’t provide the current market value or your balances it’s mainly because it is using some free API…and/or processing the data on its own server. Also, in case of user peak, chances are that the server will be almost impossible to reach.
Moonitor uses the official APIs from the exchanges themselves. It is more reliable and precise. It also keeps the connection open via WebSocket, so you don’t need to refresh it each time.
Data are updated automatically !

See it in action



Quick tour / How to video

Explore the best Moonitor’s features in a short 2-minutes video


Newbie Astronaut

Free trial

Unlimited in time
Watch up to 8 currencies
Track up to 5 investments / currency
Real-time markets update


Moon explorer


Auto-Import via API key
Watch unlimited currencies
Track unlimited investments
Real-time markets update
Lifetime license up to 3 different devices

Get Moonitor


$9.99 per month

You will get Moonitor and access to an other +100 macOS apps for the price of two lattes.

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